Meet the Saint John Baptist de la Salle Nominees

July 19, 2022

Meet the Saint John Baptist de la Salle 2022 Steward of the Year contest.

John Baptist de la Salle is the patron saint of teachers. This category recognizes the service of catechists and Catholic school teachers.

Eva Bañales, Catechist, St. Raphael

“There was a time when we were in the parish Hall and someone was sitting off on their own very quiet and sad, Eva walked up to them and held their hands and spoke with her, then she prayed over her, they hugged and the person got up from there and slowly began to interact with others present, I turned to look at Eva and she had the biggest joy filled smile on her face. I approached to her and asked what did you said? She said: “I reminded her that God does not make junk and that he wants the best for her, I let the Holy Spirit do the rest.” — Deacon Danny Bejarano, Marriage and Family Life Director, Diocese of El Paso

 Joe and Paula Russo, Most Holy Trinity Catholic School Volunteers

“Joe and Paula Russo are faithful members of Blessed Sacrament Parish, for a number of years they have been helping students with tuition, beginning at Blessed Sacrament in 2008 continuing at Most Holy Trinity, Loretto Academy, Cathedral High School and Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, they are firm believers in Catholic education, having sent their own children to Catholic schools, they have been unwavering in their continuous support of our school.” — -Jim Horan, Principal, Most Holy Trinity Catholic School 

Luz Ulrickson†, Longtime teacher and volunteer, Cathedral High School

“Luz Ulrickson devoted her life to the education of young people, and her ministry was centered on a Christ-like love for the students in her care. Luz began working at Cathedral High School in 1964, during which time she would offer tutoring sessions at home on the weekends. She would even cook for the students in order to ensure that they received the academic support they needed, as well as a hot meal. After she retired from teaching, she continued to support Cathedral, she continued her ministry as an educator until she passed away in June 2022.” — Amanda Estrada, Assistant Principal, Cathedral High School  

Rose Cooper, All Saints Catechist

“She took in a class of students and gave them so much knowledge and empowered them and even challenged them to learn more about their faith and love for Jesus and their community, she took the time to teach them and attend the 10:30 am mass with them and guide them through mass and help them understand the meaning of taking communion for the first time.” — All Saints Parish Staff 

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