Our Work

Spiritual Growth

As grateful Catholics we are called to share the many gifts and talents we have received from God. Promoting the principles of Pray, Serve, Give, the Catholic Foundation assists parishes and schools with education, training and materials to foster Catholic stewardship.

As Catholics, we are encouraged to live our lives as disciples of Christ by sharing what we have with others, respecting our neighbors and assisting those less fortunate. Through practicing Catholic stewardship we participate in a life-long process of sharing our gifts of time, talent and treasure out of gratitude, not out of obligation.

Stewardship is not about keeping an account of all that you own and making sure that you give 10% to God. Stewardship asks, "What are you doing with all the gifts that you have?" Are you spending your time wisely?  Are you sharing your talents with others?  Are you supporting your church by participating in ministries?  

Promote Stewardship

We are available to train parishes/schools on a variety of topics below concerning stewardship:

If you would like to learn more about stewardship or invite a member of our staff to speak to your parish council, finance council, or other parish committee, please contact Karina Sandoval at (915) 872-8412 or