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Grants Development

The Grants Development Office of the Catholic Foundation was created to assist diocesan organizations in securing external resources to support their missions. Grants are awarded directly to designated parishes, schools and ministries.


Grants Awarded in 2021


of Grants Approved

The following is a breakdown of the grants the Catholic Foundation was able to secure on behalf of diocesan parishes, ministries, schools and related entities in the Diocese of El Paso in 2021. 69 grant applications were submitted, with 52 approved, and 1 spending. Grants still pending total $15,000. Grant revenue is given directly to the entities and is not reflected as income on the Catholic Foundation’s financial statements.

Diocesan Ministries

Grants for diocesan ministries total $715,651 (62% approved). Eleven ministries have received grants, ranging from $5,000 to $280,000.

Ministries Receiving Grants

Parishes, Schools, and Related Entities

Grants for parishes, schools, and related entities were $280,455 (56% approved).

Parishes, Schools, and Related Entities Receiving Grants

Sources of Grant Funding

In 2021, the Diocese of El Paso received funds from multiple sources. The top grantors were: