Your Sacrificial and Loving Donation Benefits the Permanent Diaconate Program

March 21, 2023

The Permanent Deacons of the Diocese of El Paso humbly give of themselves to spread the good news of Jesus Christ with servant hearts filled with joy.

Formation to the Permanent Diaconate is a four-year program, which includes a year of discernment and three years of candidacy consisting of formation seminars, academic courses, annual retreats, and parish assignments. Deacons are ordained to participate in the mission of Jesus to serve the people of God through the diaconal ministries of charity and justice, the word of the Lord, and liturgy.

In the Diocese of El Paso, we are blessed to have 45 ordained Permanent Deacons who are currently serving in 32 parishes of the Diocese of El Paso, and 22 men who are candidates for the Permanent Diaconate in their first year of formation. In addition, the Permanent Diaconate Program has commenced the screening process for the next group of deacon aspirants which is scheduled to start in January 2024. We currently have 22 men interested in entering the program in 2024 and 22 candidates being ordained in 2025.

When we support the Progress: Catholic Ministry Appeal, we give the glorious gift of Christ Jesus to thousands of people in need of spiritual, charitable, and educational assistance across our diocese. The Permanent Diaconate Program is one of the 15 ministries supported by the appeal.

Please help us support those most in need through the hard work and dedication of our Ministries. Please pray and, if you have not yet done so, prayerfully discern making a sacrificial gift in love to the Progress: Catholic Ministry Appeal today. Visit

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