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The Tigua Native American Ministry: Strengthening the Catholic and Native Spirituality of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo
The Tigua Native American Ministry: Strengthening the Catholic and Native Spirituality of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo

Being disciples of Jesus Christ, as good stewards of our faith, we are called to be committed to living the Gospel and providing support to our ministries and outreach that addresses the corporal and spiritual needs of the community.

The Tigua Native American Ministry helps to preserve the presence and identity of the people of Ysleta del Sur while respecting their diversity. The ministry strives to meet the growing needs of the pueblo while fostering their continued spiritual growth and formation while empowering them to live in harmony, strengthening both their Catholic and Native spirituality.

The Ysleta del Sur Pueblo (“the Pueblo”) is one of three federally recognized Native American tribes and sovereign nations and the only Pueblo in the State of Texas. The Tribal community known as “Tigua” established Ysleta del Sur in 1682 after leaving their homelands of the Quarai Pueblo due to drought. The current YDSP population is approximately 4,226 members nationwide. Thirteen miles from downtown El Paso, Ysleta, Texas, has been home to the Tigua people for over 300 years. YDSP is the oldest community in Texas and the oldest running government since its establishment in 1682. The Pueblo’s culture continues to flourish as each generation proudly promulgates its heritage.

The Tigua Ministry provides an array of support to the Tiguas by visiting the homebound elders, providing bereavement support to families, assisting with funeral preparation, and following up with home visits and phone calls, also collaborating with the Pueblo’s PK to continue visits to the Mission.

Here is a brief list of the fantastic Tigua ministries and the community they serve: The Pueblo Youth Ministry, where children learn extensively about their faith. The Pueblo Elders, where a presence is maintained to visit the elder center, home & hospital visits. The Pueblo Feast, where elven traditional feast days are celebrated. All Souls, where families gather together to pray, celebrate, and honor the lives of the departed tribal members. Advent, where the tradition of the Posada is celebrated in preparation for the Birth of Christ and the dance after Christmas Eve Mass. Lent, where the “Via Crucis” is prayed and the Way of the Cross is deeply reflected.

Fr. Miguel Briseno, OFM, along with his Progress: Catholic Ministry Appeal Leaders, are fully committed to the appeal because of the substantial benefits to the parish from the annual appeal and the significant impact of the Tigua Ministry in the parish of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

The Tigua ministry has outstanding success to celebrate due to its extensive calendar of events and heartfelt faith. Celebrations include the celebration of the patron saint of the Pueblo, Saint Anthony of Padua, and the Feast Day of St. John the Baptist, to mention a few briefly. Their Calendar of Events goes on and on.

Together, the relationships throughout the Tigua community and the support of the Progress: Catholic Ministry Appeal have been strengthened. United, the community celebrates the blessings of God’s gifts in a continued committed effort and collaboration to ensure the ongoing good works of their ministries. The Tigua’s faith and heritage are something to be admired and supported.

You, too, can significantly impact the beautiful works in support of the Tigua Ministry by contributing to the Catholic Ministry Appeal or contacting the Progress Catholic Ministry Annual Appeal Director Tina Edwards-Milam at the Catholic Foundation at or 915-872-8412.