Sacred Heart of Jesus Unveiled

April 11, 2021

The restored Sacred Heart of Jesus statue was unveiled during the recording of the Divine Mercy Mass at the St. Patrick Cathedral on April 8, 2021. Parishioners were visibly moved and in awe, some in tears. They took photos and video and a rousing applause went on for minutes.

After months of praying and patiently waiting, Bishop Mark Seitz expressed joy and gratitude at having the statue back. In an interview with the media following the celebration of Mass, he said, "We have seen an amazing restoration of something we thought we had lost. We certainly see the hand of God's providence in that the company that made the statue is still in existence in Chicago. They were able to restore the statue in an incredible way. This statue has represented Jesus Christ welcoming people into this church and into El Paso. How fitting that it was at Easter time that it came back."

The destruction of the 8-foot statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at St. Patrick Cathedral on September 15, 2020 was a wound on the Cathedral, the Diocese, and the entire community. The statue of the Sacred Heart has stood as a beacon of hope and prayer for nearly 100 years but the hurt and anger over the vandalism did not damage the community's trust in Jesus and the message of his Sacred Heart, a message of compassion and love for all.

The Cathedral Sacred Heart Statue Fund was established by the Catholic Foundation. Many donors from El Paso and all over the country contributed a total of $38,549. Distributions are being managed by the Catholic Foundation and donations are going to support the restoration and shipping of the statue, repair of the altar, and added security at St. Patrick Cathedral.

Located on the Northeast corner of Mesa and Arizona, the Cathedral is a work of art and an historic landmark. On November 19, 1917, the finished St. Patrick Church was officially designated by Bishop Schuler as the Cathedral for the Diocese of El Paso. The dedication ceremony took place on Thanksgiving Day, November 29, 1917. The statue has been at the Cathedral almost that entire time and was made by Daprato Statuary Company, now Daprato Rigali Studios, founded in 1860. Watch the video to learn more about their remarkable story and make a point to visit the Cathedral and say a prayer in front of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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