Reviving the Eucharist

January 28, 2023

Nowadays, the majority of the Catholic population in the Diocese of El Paso has a social media account and is exposed to unlimited data. The Catholic Foundation, in an effort to share the true meaning of the Eucharist and what benefits we receive when we attend Mass every Sunday, will start a mini-social media campaign that teaches about the importance of the Eucharist to help increase Mass attendance and parish life. 

These efforts were inspired by the USCCB’S Eucharist revival, “The bishops of the United States are calling for all dioceses to begin a three-year plan to revive and foster Eucharist devotion in dioceses, parishes, and the hearts of the faithful.” – Ave Maria Press. “The National Eucharist Revival is the joyful, expectant, grassroots response of the entire Catholic Church in the U.S. to this divine invitation.”

According to the recent Mass Attendance Count in the Diocese of El Paso, 8,000 individuals view Mass on local television channels in English and Spanish, and 5,000 individuals view Mass via social media. Although these statistics do not reflect how many individuals are viewing Mass per household, according to KVIA television station, viewership can represent approximately 2 to 3 viewers per household. This means more than approximately 20,000 Catholics are missing the opportunity to receive the Eucharist and attend a life of ministry.

The Catholic Foundation hopes that a proper one-second catechesis On social media will help to inspire viewers to reflect on the importance of the Eucharist and learn the true meaning and hopefully return to a life of intimacy with God.

“All it takes is a deeper appreciation of the gift of love that you receive in every Mass, all it takes is pausing for a moment before a tabernacle, giving thanks that God loves you enough to be so close to you. All it takes is letting that worship shape how you live as a Christian in the public sphere, witnessing to the gratuity of the God who is love, who loves us unto the end.” Tim O’Malley says on the Eucharist Revival website.

The Stewardship Office at the Catholic Foundation invites you to follow the Catholic Foundation’s social media and learn about the true meaning of the Eucharist and the benefits of receiving the Eucharist every Sunday in Mass.

For more information about the Catholic Foundation’s effort to share the importance of the eucharist, please get in touch with Karina Sandoval Enriquez at or at 915-872-8412.

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