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Radiant Examples of Faith: Roland Guerrero
Radiant Examples of Faith: Roland Guerrero

Roland Guerrero has been a pillar of dedication and faith at St. Pius Parish. His involvement spans several ministries: Music Ministry, Reconciliation Ministry, The Man Is You, and serving as a Spiritual Companion for retreats. Roland’s journey of service began at the tender age of 13, and his commitment has only deepened over the years. His story is one of unwavering love and dedication to his faith and community.

In our conversation, Roland shared his profound “why” behind his service. “My service is a love response to Jesus. The way we learn to love people is to serve them and see the Lord in them, and I know serving them is actually serving the Lord,” he said. This statement encapsulates his philosophy and his approach to ministry. For Roland, service is not merely an act but a heartfelt response to the love and grace of Jesus. Roland emphasized the importance of supporting initiatives like the Progress Annual Ministry Appeal. “Giving to efforts such as the Annual Appeal is important because we are showing our Lord gratitude. If we stop and reflect on all the blessings the Lord gives us, then it is truly a natural response to give back,” he explained. This perspective highlights Roland’s deep sense of gratitude and responsibility. His upbringing, where his father instilled the value of giving despite financial constraints, has profoundly shaped his commitment to stewardship.

Roland’s sense of duty extends beyond personal service to a broader call for communal responsibility. “It is our responsibility to take care of the church, sharing with our brothers and sisters. There should be no more excuses!” he declared. His passion for service and giving is evident in his actions and words, inspiring others to reflect on their contributions to the church and community.

Beyond his active ministry roles, Roland has expressed his faith through writing and music. He authored a book, The Lost Art of Discernment, which was proofed by Bishop Mark Seitz, and he released a CD titled Psalms for the People, featured on YouTube. These creative endeavors are extensions of his ministry, offering spiritual nourishment to a wider audience. Roland’s contributions reflect his holistic approach to service, combining action, reflection, and artistic expression.

In discussing service and giving, Roland revealed a startling statistic: only 3% of parishioners are actively serving in our parishes. “We must die to ourselves, placing the Lord first,” he urged. His words are a call to action, reminding us of the vital role each person plays in the life of the church. Roland’s dedication and message are clear and compelling: our collective efforts are essential to sustaining and growing our faith community. His example is a powerful testament to the transformative impact of serving with a heart full of love and gratitude.