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Radiant Examples of Faith: Oscar Perez
Radiant Examples of Faith: Oscar Perez

Oscar Perez has been a steadfast parishioner at St. Francis of Assisi Parish since 1975, when the parish was still a mission. His journey in ministry began in 1993, and he has since dedicated himself to serving as an Extraordinary Minister of Communion, Sacristan, and Sacristan Coordinator. Oscar’s faith journey is deeply rooted in his family traditions; he fondly remembers his mother taking the family to 7 a.m. Mass at St. Anthony, walking together in the early morning. This foundation of faith continued when Oscar and his wife moved to the west side of El Paso. At St. Francis, his wife began singing in the choir, their boys became Altar Servers, and the church quickly became the center of their spiritual lives.

Oscar’s commitment to service was sparked by a persistent invitation from his wife to join the church community more actively. He recalls how Fr. Joaquin Acevedo once mentioned the need for lectors, prompting Oscar to step up and serve as a Spanish Lector, reading the Second Reading in Spanish. His involvement deepened with his participation in Tepeyac, where he was the first Eucharistic Minister and his wife soon joined him in service. Oscar cherished the classes taught by then-Father Banuelos, now Monsignor, who inspired many with his discernment story prior to becoming a priest of dedicating his life ministry to Jesus and the Virgin Mary and eventually starting the Tepeyac program.

When asked about his motivation for serving, Oscar emphasized the values instilled in him by his parents—the importance of attending church and setting a good example for his children. A turning point in Oscar’s life was a conversation with the Lord after a severe work injury in 1988 left him unable to walk. He made a heartfelt promise to God: “If you get me up from this bed, from now on I will serve you.” True to his word, Oscar has been serving for 31 years, a testament to his deep faith and dedication.

Oscar underscores the importance of supporting initiatives like the Progress Annual Ministry Appeal. He highlighted its crucial role in funding formation efforts such as Tepeyac. “It is vital we give to the annual appeal because the annual appeal funds formation efforts like Tepeyac. Where would we be if Tepeyac did not exist? If Fr. Banuelos had not started that program so many years ago? How many of us have gone through training at Tepeyac and became ministers?” Oscar’s reflection reveals the indispensable impact of these programs on the church’s vitality and the formation of lay leaders who support the priests and parishes.

Despite facing numerous health challenges, Oscar remains unwavering in his commitment to serve. He serves daily, on Saturdays and Sundays, and is a member of the Circular Franciscan Order. At 81 years young, Oscar finds joy and purpose in giving back to the Lord. His message to others is clear: “Start small, but start somewhere. Do something. Give back to the One who gives us everything. We could never out give Him!” Oscar’s life is a powerful testament to the transformative power of service and the enduring impact of faith and dedication.