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Radiant Examples of Faith: Maureen de la Rosa
Radiant Examples of Faith: Maureen de la Rosa

Maureen de la Rosa stands as a shining example of faith in action within the St. Raphael community, embodying the spirit of service and evangelization for over four decades. Her ministry journey spans thirty years, marked by a deep commitment to nurturing souls and spreading the love of Christ. Transitioning from her role as a dedicated Catechist to leading transformative retreats for teens and young adults in collaboration with Liz Chacon and some great young adults, Maureen’s passion for guiding others on their spiritual journey shines brightly. Through her service in various ministries, including Extraordinary Ministry of Holy Communion, Hospital Ministry, ACTS Spiritual Companion, and the successful initiation of Sisters in Christ at St. Raphael, with a beautiful group of dedicated women, she continually inspires and uplifts those around her.

In her own heartfelt words, Maureen offers a glimpse into the profound experience of hospital ministry, where she encounters God in the vulnerability and suffering of others. Her journey is fueled by a deep understanding of the sacrificial love of Christ, symbolized by the image of the cross and the profound gratitude for Christ’s blessings. With humility and reverence, she recognizes the importance of supporting the Progress Annual Ministry Appeal as a vital lifeline for sustaining the ministries that serve the community. Through her unwavering dedication, Maureen reminds us that we are all stewards of God’s gifts, called to contribute our part in building and nurturing the Body of Christ.

In such inspiring words from Maureen, “The Lord has such an incredible love for us all. There is no one whose sins cannot be forgiven. Whatever we think we have done, He continues to love us. The loving Father, in the example of the prodigal son, our Father, is there looking for us before we even know to look for Him. The blessings He gives, such as a roof over our heads, good health, and hot and clean water. Come, ask Him to reveal Himself. To give you strength through the Holy Spirit if you have doubted. If you don’t think believing in Jesus is a real thing. Please ask Him, reveal yourself to me. “I want to know. Are you there?” Once you have experienced the gift of the Father you will want for nothing. The Father constantly pours out blessings on us, and as we begin to see those blessings, we can’t help but feel grateful. And what little I have to give, I am going to give. You can start with a small gift to the Progress Annual Ministry Appeal and your parish. I cannot assume the diocese has all the money in the world to run the parishes. To meet the needs of the poor, the hungry, the invalid – the church and our ministries depend on its parishioners. A good analogy – you are taking care of your own house – so what can I do!? Every gift counts!”

In her closing words of encouragement, Maureen’s message resonates with profound gratitude and humility. She reminds us of our Heavenly Father’s boundless love and forgiveness, urging us to seek His presence and strength in our lives. With a call to action rooted in faith and responsibility, she invites us to recognize the blessings we have received and to respond with generosity and stewardship. Maureen’s inspiring example reminds us that every gift, no matter how small, contributes to the flourishing of our ministries and parish communities and the extension of God’s love to all those in need.