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Radiant Examples of Faith: Daniel Macias
Radiant Examples of Faith: Daniel Macias

Daniel Macias and his wife, Alma, moved to El Paso from Colorado and have been devoted parishioners at Holy Spirit Parish since 2000. Their journey in ministry began in 2007, and since then, they have become pillars of their parish community. Daniel and Alma dedicate themselves daily to the church, spearheading Evangelization Retreats, engaging in Family Ministry, participating in multiple Prayer Groups, leading Bible Study, and contributing to the music ministry. Their unwavering commitment to serve is evident in every aspect of their lives.

“Holy Spirit is truly our home,” Daniel shared. “We organize these retreats to evangelize and encourage others to serve. Our love for God is the reason we are here. We love our God, our family, and our church - our church is part of our family. Our goal is to grow in faith and have other parishioners join a ministry and serve.” Daniel and Alma’s dedication to fostering a strong faith community is a testament to their deep love for God and their desire to inspire others to experience the same joy they have found in serving.

Daniel reflects on a pivotal moment in their lives, saying, “In our lives, we realized we were living but not really living – until we fell in love with God – and we want others to do and feel the same. We found these retreats to be a good way to share that message.” The couple’s commitment to their faith and to each other is evident in their ministry work. “It is truly a couple’s effort. We both bring our different strengths,” Daniel said. “It is the two of us together. I could do nothing without Alma. I couldn’t even organize my shoes without her (laughing). I have my qualities and she has hers. It’s God first and then us together.” Their partnership in service highlights the power of unity and the blessings that come from working together for a greater purpose.

When asked about the importance of the Progress Annual Ministry Appeal, Daniel emphasized, “This is where our faith comes to life! We need to participate; our communities need us—time, talent, and treasure! God has given us all talents, but we need to share them. We need your time, not always money, but we need both! Our ministries cannot thrive without our financial support. We need to help one another to be able to grow our faith. We all have a mission in life. We are all called differently, and it is important we answer the call. We need to grow and build His Kingdom - serving through our ministries is a prime example of that.” Daniel’s words underscore the necessity of collective effort and the vital role of each parishioner in sustaining and growing their faith community.

As a final encouraging message, Daniel shared, “We are all a part of God; we cannot truly be happy until we give back. The eyes need to see, the ears need to hear, we need to be fulfilled. Ask yourself, are you just living to live, but not really living? You have been given a God-given gift, open that, use that. We are all on a mission. We need to focus on building our parishes, live and see the need, answer the call. We all need to serve and take care of our parish homes if we want our homes to thrive and grow. Supporting the Progress Annual Ministry Appeal is a significant way to help do that. I am here because of my love for God and my community. We are not alone - we have our families and our church families. Let’s build them strong so they flourish and thrive for years to come.” Daniel’s message is a powerful reminder of the transformative impact of service and the importance of contributing to the growth and vitality of the parish community.

Daniel and Alma Macias exemplify the spirit of dedication and love for God and their parish. Their tireless efforts and inspiring journey remind us all of the importance of serving our communities and supporting initiatives like the Progress Annual Ministry Appeal. Through their example, they encourage others to find joy and fulfillment in giving back and building a strong, thriving faith community.