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Radiant Examples of Faith: Cruz Falcon
Radiant Examples of Faith: Cruz Falcon

Cruz Falcon has been a dedicated parishioner at St. Frances Xavier Cabrini for over 20 years. His journey with the parish began when Mass was still held in the hall, and he witnessed the growth and establishment of the new church. Cruz has served in various ministries for the past 15 years, including Hospitality, Extraordinary Minister of Communion, and the Knights of Columbus. His unwavering commitment and service are truly inspiring. When asked about the inspiration behind his deep commitment, Cruz shared that attending an ACTS retreat was a pivotal moment for him. “The retreat really affected me, opening my eyes to help and reach out to others. I loved that incredible feeling at the retreat and want others to experience that same feeling,” he said. This retreat ignited a passion in Cruz to serve his parish community and foster a sense of belonging and love among its members. Cruz emphasized the importance of giving to the Progress Annual Ministry Appeal, highlighting its significant impact on the parish’s ministries. “There is so much that needs to be done, a lot of work, and when we give to the appeal, even just a little, whatever your heart leads you to give, we are helping our ministries thrive throughout our parishes,” he explained. His words reflect a profound understanding of the collective effort required to sustain and grow the church’s mission.

Cruz shared an important message in our conversation to encourage others to serve and give. “There are so many ways you can help. You can help greet, help with collections, and pass bulletins. We would love to have more people help, especially couples, so the young can see their parents and be encouraged to follow in our steps. This is our big house. You want to make your guests feel comfortable in your home,” he said. Cruz’s invitation is a call to action for all parishioners to become active participants in their faith community, creating a welcoming and supportive environment.

Cruz also spoke about the sense of belonging and support that comes from being part of a parish family. “You may have issues, but once you walk in these doors, we are here to help you. As part of a parish family, you are in the perfect place to seek that help. Ask our Lord how He can help you. If you can’t connect, we can help you find someone to talk to and help you,” he encouraged. His compassionate approach underscores the church’s role as a refuge and source of strength for its members.

In closing, Cruz shared a powerful reflection on the call to serve. “One day we will all receive the call to serve. How will you respond?” he asked. His question is a profound reminder of our individual and collective responsibilities to serve our faith community. Cruz’s dedication and heartfelt service embody the essence of discipleship, inspiring us all to answer the call to serve with love and gratitude.