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Radiant Examples of Faith: Chole Armendariz
Radiant Examples of Faith: Chole Armendariz

Chole Armendariz stands as a beacon of unwavering dedication and profound faith within the Queen of Peace Parish community. She has poured her heart and soul into service for nearly two decades, touching countless lives through her ministries. Her commitment is not merely a responsibility to God’s work but a testament to her deep understanding of God’s boundless love and the sacrificial nature of service.

As an Extraordinary Minister of Communion, a compassionate presence in the Homebound Ministry, a guiding light in the Stewardship Committee, a seeker of truth in Bible Study, and a Spiritual Companion through ACTS, Chole embodies the essence of selflessness and devotion. In her own inspiring words, she reflects on the profound revelation that transformed her own understanding of service. Through prayerful contemplation and study of the Word of God, she discovered that service is integral to her being. It is a natural extension of her love for God and a reflection of His love for all humanity. She embraces each opportunity to serve with humility and gratitude, seeing it as a sacred calling woven into the fabric of her daily life.

Chole lovingly shares, “When I fully understood the love of God and the sacrifice that His son made for us, it was the birth of me fully understanding what it is to serve Him and to spread as much of Him as we can to those who don’t know Him yet. Through Bible Study, I further understood that prayer is the first part of becoming a disciple, where I connected my soul and my mind, which then moved my heart to serve Him. Serving Him is much like waking up and getting dressed, cooking, cleaning and going about one’s day, it is a part of my every day being.”

Chole’s message resonates deeply as she emphasizes the importance of stewardship and generosity in answering the call of the Gospel. She reminds us that every blessing we receive is a gift from God, and He lovingly reveals how these blessings fit in His divine will for our lives.

She emphasizes, “By supporting the Progress Annual Ministry Appeal and giving back to our ministries and diocese, we fulfill our responsibility as faithful stewards, ensuring the work of spreading God’s work continues unhindered.” Through Chole’s words, we are reminded that true discipleship involves serving and giving generously from the heart – where we are given the privilege to return a piece of ourselves to God’s work. Because we are entrusted to manage our finances with wisdom and integrity, we are gifted to fully understand that every contribution, no matter how small, has the power to make a difference not only in the lives of others but also further enriches the life of the giver.