Mary, Our Mother

May 10, 2021

“Loving trust and total surrender made Our Lady say “Yes” to the message of the angel. And cheerfulness made her run in haste to serve her cousin Elizabeth. That is so much our life: saying “yes” to Jesus and running in haste to serve Him in the poorest of the poor. Let us keep very close to Our Lady and she will make that spirit grow in each one of us.” — Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Let us ask Our Lady to help us be inspired by her “Yes” and continue the work of Evangelization in the midst of this new normal. As the Diocese of El Paso moves forward, opens the doors to the faithful, continues to bring an online presence for those who are still unable to visit parishes and attend Mass, let us remember that wherever we are, we are in communion with Jesus, and with one another.

Today, the Catholic Foundation invites you to spread the scent of our Holy Mother through a smile to the person next to you, a gesture of attentiveness, a touch of compassion to the afflicted, and to honor the ones who sadly are not with us anymore, by making a gift to a parish through My Sunday Parish Offertory. Whatever you do, make sure to bring the scent of our Holy Mother, a scent of comfort, compassion and consolation to others. Yes, Mary, yes!

This article is lovingly dedicated in memory of Fr. Trini Fuentez, Rector of St. Patrick Cathedral, who faithfully served the Diocese for over 40 years and passed away peacefully on May 4, 2021.

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