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It's Giving Tuesday: Embrace the Power of Giving!
It's Giving Tuesday: Embrace the Power of Giving!

Supporting Our Ministries through the Progress Catholic Ministry Appeal

In this sacred season of giving, we are reminded of the profound impact our faith community has on the lives of many. Our ministries, fueled by love and compassion, carry out God’s work, touching souls and transforming lives. We have a duty to ensure these good works continue, and we cannot achieve this without your generous support.

We are grateful to those who have already given and we are so close to meeting our goal.

We need your help!

The Progress Catholic Ministry Appeal is a lifeline, a divine partnership that sustains our ministries and propels them forward. It provides the resources needed to reach the marginalized, console those hurting, educate our youth, and offer spiritual guidance to those seeking solace.

Every act of kindness, every prayer, and every donation is an affirmation of our collective commitment to follow Christ’s example. It enables us to fulfill our spiritual duty of loving and serving one another.

So, we implore you, dear faith community, to consider the impact of your support. Your contributions, no matter the size, ripple through our community, spreading hope and faith to all in need. Together, we can continue our mission of bringing God’s love to the world.

In the spirit of selflessness, we ask you to open your hearts and give generously to the Progress Catholic Ministry Appeal, knowing that through your help, we can carry out our mission and make a difference in the lives of many.

For more information or to donate, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tina Edwards-Milam, Annual Appeal Director, at 915-872-8412, or visit