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Don’t Forget to Make Yourself Count!
Don’t Forget to Make Yourself Count!

The Diocese of El Paso will conduct the annual Mass attendance count on the weekends of October 15-16 and 21-22 at all parishes, including seminaries, monasteries and UTEP campus ministry, also online Mass attendance will be included. Make sure you make yourself count because the Mass attendance count data means more than you think.

The Mass attendance count has been conducted since 2016 in the Diocese of El Paso, providing insightful data to Bishop Mark Seitz, diocesan clergy, religious and parish administrators, this data has helped to analyze Mass attendance trends and how the diocese is able to improve Mass attendance in our local community. This data also assists the Catholic Church in the United States to track Mass attendance in the nation. The USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) created in 2022 a Eucharist Revival Movement that invites everyone to a personal encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist to renew the Church, and inspire a movement across the United States. If you are interested to learn more about the Eucharist Revival please visit

The Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of El Paso coordinates the Mass attendance count under the direction of Karina Sandoval, Stewardship Coordinator. Sandoval, mentions that “The Mass attendance count data is vital in the Diocese of El Paso to plan the efforts of evangelization in our local community.”

The Mass attendance count report will be released in December in the Rio Grande Catholic and will be published on the Catholic Foundation website and social media for the general public in November. This report will include Mass attendance in the languages of English, Spanish, bilingual, and other languages, also online attendance viewership on Facebook social media and YouTube will be included.

If you are interested in assisting your Pastor in this year’s Mass attendance count, please contact Karina Sandoval, Stewardship Coordinator at the Catholic Foundation at 915-872-8412 or at If you need to view the Diocesan Mass schedule, please visit for more information Remember make yourself count because every year data is vital to continue the efforts of evangelization in the Diocese of El Paso.

“I rejoiced when they said to me, let us go to the house of the Lord, and now our feet are standing within your gates, Jerusalem.” Psalm 122