Catholic Foundation to Invite Community to the Eucharist

May 12, 2022

The Catholic Foundation is launching the Take Your Place at The Table of The Lord campaign to invite the community to the Eucharist and discover how faith life can be experienced today as we enter a new era after the Covid-19 pandemic.  

The campaign is focused on inviting people to the Eucharist, a life of community, and the practice of our faith. Examples of this are receiving the Sacraments, ministry, and different ways of prayer life.

According to the 2021 Diocesan Mass Attendance Count, an average of 51,000 individuals attend Sunday Mass in person. More than 10,000 individuals view Mass online or on their local El Paso television stations, Azteca and the CW.

In February of this year, Notre Dame theologian Tim O’ Malley gave a presentation to the Diocese of El Paso on the importance of receiving the Eucharist.

O’ Malley said. “Real Presence matters after Covid-19 because we are meant to be present to the Lord and we are meant to be present to one another.”

His presentation is available on the Catholic Foundation YouTube Channel.  

Take Your Place at The Table of The Lord campaign materials will be distributed at the diocesan and parish levels in June. If you're interested in supporting this campaign, and continuing the work of evangelization in your workplace and on social media, contact Stewardship Coordinator Karina Sandoval at or (915) 872-8412.

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