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Progress: Bishop's Ministry Appeal 2016

The Bishop’s Annual Appeal provides operational funds for diocesan ministries and charities that reach out to the troubled, inspire youth, minister to families and help spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Amount Pledged

Why Give to the Annual Appeal?

The Progress Appeal is the Bishop's Annual Appeal, a yearly diocesan fund raising campaign to support the day-to-day operations of ministries and services within our diocese.

Money raised through the Progress Appeal represents nearly 40% of all operating funds supporting the pastoral, spiritual, educational and human service programs that benefit thousands of individuals throughout the 10 counties of the Diocese of El Paso. The diocese also advances the work of every parish with direct financial assistance such as grants and support services.

Without the Progress Appeal, this vital work of the Church would not be possible.

We invite you to participate in the Progress Appeal both through a commitment to prayer and a Progress gift.


Students awarded scholarships to Catholic Schools since 2007


Seminarians supported during formation since 2001


Fully Retired Priests Receiving Assistance

500 - Individuals and families counseled annually through Catholic Counseling Services


Individuals and families counseled annually through Catholic Counseling Services

150 - Prisoners and detainees receive reconciliation, mass and counseling every year


Prisoners and detainees receive reconciliation, mass and counseling every year


Lay ministers trained by the Tepeyac Institute to serve parishes

11,800 - People were ministered, marriages were healed, and families were strengthened through the Marriage & Family Life Ministry


People were ministered, marriages were healed, and families were strengthened through the Marriage & Family Life Ministry


Children, youth, and adults receive grace through the sacraments and catechetical program every year

Ministries Supported by Your Gifts

The Appeal helps fund the 17 Diocesan ministries that provide outreach, formation, evangelization, education and advocacy for thousands of families throughout the 10 counties of the Diocese of El Paso.

Seminarian & Diaconate Formation

  • St. Charles Seminary/Formation and Education at Major Seminary

    Provides spiritual, academic, and pastoral formation for college students studying to become priests at our diocesan house of priestly formation and at major seminaries outside of El Paso as they complete their studies.

  • Vocations Ministry

    Addresses the increasing need for diocesan priests and religious vocations by sponsoring programs throughout the diocese that foster and nurture vocations.

  • Permanent Diaconate Program

    Serves the Diocese in the selection and formation of candidates and the ongoing supervision of ordained deacons.

Education & Formation

  • Office of Religious Formation

    The Religious Formation Ministry oversees parish catechetical programs by providing training, curriculum, and certification for parish catechists as well as implementing background checks for adults working with children in formation. The Religious Formation Ministry also oversees West Texas and the nine-county rural area of the Diocese through youth, evangelization, and religious formation programs for rural parishes and missions.

  • Office of Education

    Oversees the 11 Catholic schools in El Paso with more than 2,260 students and 200 teachers.

  • Tepeyac Institute

    Provides for the religious formation of more than 2,500 laity each year and certifies parish ministers for service in their churches.

Pastoral Outreach

  • Catholic Campus Ministry

    Serves the students, faculty, and staff at the University of Texas at El Paso and at Sul Ross State University in Alpine in their lifelong journeys for deeper faith.

  • Catholic Counseling Services, Inc.

    Provides assistance to the poor and troubled in the Diocese of El Paso through professional counseling programs offered on a sliding scale fee basis

  • Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services, Inc.

    Offers free or low-cost legal services to eligible foreign-born individuals who wish to immigrate to or become citizens of the United States and engages in public advocacy, training, and community outreach to advance the fair treatment and protect the rights of immigrants and refugees.

  • Marriage and Family Life Ministry

    Conducts numerous diocesan-wide programs that strengthen and support families including the FOCCUS Program, Sponsor Couples, and Natural Family Planning and provides training, certification, and resources for pastors and parish family life ministers.

  • Youth and Young Adult Ministry

    Provides training and formation opportunities for youth, young adults, and adults in ministry with young people and conducts programs and activities mean to integrate youth and young adults into the life, mission, and work of the Church.


  • Office of Worship

    Plans Diocesan liturgies, assists the Bishop in implementing Diocesan policies regarding worship, and serves as a resource to parishes and parish liturgy committees concerning all liturgical matters.

  • Peace and Justice Ministry

    Promotes Catholic social teaching and fosters the social mission of the Church by serving as a resource to parishes to develop and maintain parish efforts which link direct service, advocacy, action and empowerment toward concerns of local, national, and global justice.

  • Tigua Native American Ministry

    Serves the Tigua Indians at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church through preparation for religious events and the formation of lay ministers

Diocesan Ministries seeking Progress funding are required to submit a grant application to the Foundation for consideration by the Progress & Allocations Committee of the Board of Directors. Please contact the Progress Office at (915) 872-8412 for a grant application.

Financials & Allocation

The Foundation allocates funds collected through the Progress Annual Appeal to ministries and parishes each year.  As a result of the 2015 Annual Appeal, the Foundation awarded $1,350,000 in grants to ministries and $97,661 in grants to parishes as parish share.

Progress Ministry Distributions 2015

  • Seminarian & Diaconate Formation - $370,153
  • Education & Formation - $380,661
  • Pastoral Outreach - $419,924
  • Evangelization - $179,262
  • Parish Share - $97,661

The remaining balance of funds were used to support programs of the Foundation in addition to the Progress Annual Appeal including:

  1. Endowment Funds, which raised $566,737 in new gifts and pledges and approved the distribution of $377,749 in earnings to ministries, parishes, schools and related entities
  2. Grant Writing, which raised $1,432,704 in outside grant funding for ministries, parishes, schools and related entities, and the
  3. Stewardship Program, which provides education, training, and materials to further stewardship in the diocese.

Parish Share

Parish Goals &
Amounts Raised PDF

Your parish/mission and all people of the Diocese benefit from the Annual Appeal through the services and programs provided by the Diocesan ministries it supports. In addition, every parish in the Diocese is assigned a goal. Parish Goals are apportioned by Sunday and Holy Day Collections. Once met, 50 percent of all contributions paid over the goal are returned to the parish in the form of a grant which the parish can use as it pleases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are any of the funds spent on administration?

Approximately 12% of Foundation funds are spent on the annual administration of the Foundation for the Diocese of El Paso. This covers all costs associated with the Progress Campaign including materials, training, staff salaries, and mailings, as well as the expenses of the Grants Office, the Catholic Legacy Fund, and the Stewardship Program.

I’m not able to give much. Will my gift really make a difference?

Absolutely. Every gift is important – and necessary – if your parish and diocese are to continue to serve in an effective manner. You also may be able to give more than you think. Even smaller contributions, pledged over time can result in a very significant gift. For example, $20 a month will total $240 a year. Monthly reminders are sent automatically for all pledges (except those paid by credit card or automatic debit.) Monthly reminders can now be sent through email rather than regular mail.

How much should I give?

No one can tell you how much to give. Your decision will depend on your own financial circumstances, your understanding of the Annual Appeal and the way you live out your faith. We only ask that you prayerfully consider a gift in proportion to your means. We do provide suggested gifts based upon annual household incomes. A good guide is 1% of your annual income. If you are a returning donor, however, we ask that you give a little more than the previous year.

Does the Progress Appeal qualify for matching gift programs?

Yes. Progress qualifies for many corporate matching gift programs. Contact your employer for more information on matching gift programs. Please let us know as soon as possible if your gift is eligible for a matching gift and we will help you process any required forms. We also will acknowledge your employer in our annual report.

May I have my payments deducted from my checking or savings account?

Yes. You may set up a direct debit on your checking or savings account on your pledge card. Just follow the directions on the card.

How may I get a letter for my income tax?

Letters for income tax purposes acknowledging all contributions to the Foundation are mailed to donors each January.

How can I learn more about the Progress Appeal?

We invite you to call the Foundation Office at 872-8412 or email us at with any question you may have about the Appeal or the ministries it supports. We also welcome visits to the Foundation offices located at the Catholic Pastoral Center, 499 St. Matthews Street in El Paso. We are located in Building G.

Other Ways to Give

In addition to online donations, there are a variety of ways you can donate to support this fund.

Phone or Mail

To donate by phone, please call:
(915) 872-8412
(Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. MT)

To mail your donation:
Download our Donation Form PDF

Monthly Giving

Monthly giving is a powerful way to provide sustainable, long-term support. As little as $20 (66 cents a day) can make a difference for the people helped by the parishes, schools, ministries, and charities in the Diocese of El Paso.

Set Up a Monthly Donation

Planned Giving

Creating a bequest in your will for the Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of El Paso is a powerful statement in your legacy, and costs you nothing today.

Learn More About Legacy and Planned Giving

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