The Catholic Foundation Celebrates Renewal and Invites You to Sing Alleluia through Evangelization

April 14, 2021

The Catholic Foundation invites you to continue to sing "Alleluia, Alleluia" and welcomes you to spread the Good News from wherever you are in the world all the way to the United Nations.

The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations launched the #forSafeWorship campaign to safeguard religious sites around the world, regardless of their faith, culture and history, in order to increase acceptance and respect among human beings and build bridges of mutual understanding and cooperation. The Diocese of El Paso was impacted directly when the St. Patrick Cathedral Sacred Heart of Jesus statue was decapitated by a vandal. The story brought the community, the diocese, and people from around the country together, including members of other faiths. The #forSafeWorship campaign calls everyone to share their stories and to inspire people around the world to join the movement.

They are looking for stories—your story—to inspire people. Share your Catholic faith and your own personal story by uploading a photo, an album of photos, a short video, or an essay, about how you sing Alleluia in your life. Stewardship Coordinator Karina Sandoval submitted a video filmed at the Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine at St. Mark  Catholic Church and shared the sacred space as inspiration and what it means to her as a woman, wife and mother in the Church. Click here to submit your story.

The world needs you to continue to spread the Good News while remaining cognizant of the suffering. We need to "do" and we also need to reflect about how we fit in the larger story. Thousands of immigrant families are stranded in our sister city Juárez and many are called to accompany them with food, prayer, shelter, and compassion. This might be an area where you sing Alleluia. The Border Refugee Assistance Fund will be used to support the initiatives for immediate humanitarian needs of migrants in Ciudad Juárez, the majority of which have been organized by faith communities, according to Hope Border Institute.

According to Bishop Mark Seitz, “The need in Juárez is tremendous. Churches and community-led initiatives are doing everything possible to feed, clothe and offer shelter to thousands of migrant families fleeing desperate conditions and looking for safety and refuge. Here we have a real opportunity to serve Christ in the migrant."

“Do not be afraid” and spread the Good News around the world. Tell your story and sing Alleluia, Alleluia.

For more information on a Stewardship way of life, contact Stewardship Coordinator Karina Sandoval at or 915-872-8412.

The #forSafeWorship video submitted by the Diocese of Brownsville was filmed inside the Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle. The shrine welcomes over one million visitors each year.

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