El Buen Pastor to Receive Training on Stewardship

April 20, 2022

The El Buen Pastor Catholic Mission community in Sparks will receive training on the basics of forming a Stewardship Council from Karina Sandoval, the Catholic Foundation's Stewardship Coordinator.

A Stewardship Council is responsible for promoting a life of prayer, service, and giving through a variety of activities like ministry fairs, a Stewardship Commitment Day, and parishioner registration events. The primary interest of the ministry is not to raise money but to form parishioners’ spiritual lives and help them envision what the parish can be when the community actively practices a Stewardship way of life.

El Buen Pastor is extending an invitation to the community to become faithful disciples on Pentecost Sunday (June 5). 

To learn more about the meaning of Stewardship and how Stewardship can help transform parish life, click here.

For more information, contact Stewardship Coordinator Karina Sandoval at or (915) 872-8412.

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