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The General Fund for Catholic Schools ensures that the 9 Catholic schools in the Diocese of El Paso have the funds to provide scholarships for economically disadvantaged students. Distributions from this funds are distributed based upon need. The Foundation's goal is to build all of the Catholic schools endowment funds to a combined $12 million in order to support and sustain Catholic education in the Diocese of El Paso in perpetuity.

Current Value

About this Fund

The Foundation currently manages 96 separate endowment funds for charities, ministries, parishes, and schools. Of these, 25 funds are designated for Catholic schools with a combined value of over $7 million. Each of El Paso’s Catholic schools has at least one endowed fund for scholarships. Every spring, the Foundation distributes 4% of the fund’s value to schools. Building our Catholic school endowment funds to $12 million will generate $480,000 annually to support Catholic education. We’ll continue to build from there. The Foundation's goal is to build the Catholic schools endowment funds to $12 million in order to support and sustain Catholic education in the Diocese of El Paso in perpetuity.

Benefits to El Paso’s Catholic Schools

The Diocese of El Paso is working hard to meet its mission of overseeing Catholic schools that are excellent, accessible and affordable for all families. The Foundation is proud to be a Catholic school partner. We know that education changes lives, these scholarship opportunities for Catholic schools are truly transforming lives.

  • Students who attend Catholic schools are more likely to attend church and remain active Catholics as adults,
  • 98% of low income, minority children graduate from high schools, compared to only 66% of all students in public schools,
  • Hispanic and African American Students who attend Catholic schools are 42% more likely to graduate from high school and 2.5 times more likely to graduate college,
  • 81% of students who graduate from Catholic schools attend college, compared to 44% of students in public schools,
    Catholic school students are also more tolerant of diverse views, more likely to vote, more likely to be civically engaged, and earn higher wages than their public school peers.

As a diocese, our goals for El Paso’s Catholic schools are to:

  • Ensure that all 9 Catholic schools in El Paso remain open and maintain adequate enrollment, especially in the lower grades, in order to ensure future enrollment,
  • Encourage Catholic education by financially supporting the 9 schools in El Paso and providing educational opportunities for economically disadvantaged youth to ensure that the Catholic Church continues its mission of educating the poor,
  • Provide much needed scholarships for Catholic schools where 1 out of 3 students qualify for the federal lunch program,
  • Strategically plan for the future growth of the city and provide the funding needed to add additional academic programs and extracurricular activities,
  • Upgrade the school facilities to meet the educational needs of the 21st century and build new schools and school facilities to meet the changing demographics of El Paso,
  • Ensure that all schools have adequate educational materials, resource materials and technology.

Upcoming Events

September 22, 2022

16th Annual Foundation of Faith Event: Building the Kingdom

This year our guests are Catholic classical crossover soprano and America’s Got Talent First Runner-up, Bárbara Padilla, and Sarah Hart, one of the leading figures in contemporary Catholic music today.

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Why Give to Endowment?

Endowed funds provide a vehicle through which individuals make outright or planned gifts that will have an everlasting impact on the ministry/parish/school. In time the income generated by the gift will far exceed the original donation.

As a result, endowed funds provide a perpetual, supplemental source of income for such things as the enhancement of programs and ministries, facilities maintenance, scholarships and seminary assistance, priest retirement, etc. Learn more about endowed funds.

Other Ways to Give

In addition to online donations, there are a variety of ways you can donate to support this fund.

Phone or Mail

To donate by phone, please call:
(915) 872-8412
(Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. MT)

To mail your donation:
Download our Donation Form PDF

Monthly Giving

Monthly giving is a powerful way to provide sustainable, long-term support. As little as $20 (66 cents a day) can make a difference for the people helped by the parishes, schools, ministries, and charities in the Diocese of El Paso.

Set Up a Monthly Donation

Planned Giving

Creating a bequest in your will for the Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of El Paso is a powerful statement in your legacy, and costs you nothing today.

Learn More About Legacy and Planned Giving

Establish a Named Fund

Donors may create a Named Fund benefiting the endowed fund of their choice with a gift or pledge of $10,000 or more over a five-year period. If you're interested in creating a legacy in honor or memory of a loved one, contact us online or call (915) 872-8412.

Named Fund Donors Supporting the Catholic Schools General Fund

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