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Since 1925, Cathedral High School has earned the distinction of being one of the most notable college preparatory schools for young men in the Southwest United States.

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Located near downtown El Paso, Texas, Cathedral High School was founded in 1925 to offer a rigorous academic and value-based education for young men in the region. Although the school is owned and administered by the Diocese of El Paso, the Brothers of the Christian Schools (known in the U.S. simply as the Christian Brothers) have been involved in the school since its foundation. The Christian Brothers are a Roman Catholic religious teaching congregation founded by the Patron Saint of teachers, Saint Jean-Baptiste de la Salle.

Today, Cathedral High School continues to lay a solid foundation that prepares students with the academic aptitude and ethic of service necessary for producing modern leaders.

  • The school has just over 500 students, the vast majority being Hispanic; the school also draws significant numbers from Ciudad Juárez in Mexico.
  • The school considers its programs in Campus ministry, community service and religious education to be central to the incorporation of Catholic Christian spirituality into the daily lives of students
  • Traditionally, 100% of Cathedral students are admitted to two-year and four-year colleges and universities.
  • The value of service is reinforced among students by required volunteerism and service learning projects throughout the community. Due to the diversity of our international student body, students have actively participated in a range of student-led initiatives that foster awareness for the sanctity of life, the physically disabled, the elderly, and other social challenges.

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September 23, 2021

15th Annual Foundation of Faith Event: Ignite Your Hearts

We are going VIRTUAL in 2021 with the dynamic Mark Hart and musical guest Israel Houghton! The event will be live streamed on YouTube. Going virtual means that we can reach more people, raise more funds to support this great mission, and you get to have more fun!

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Named Fund Donors Supporting the Cathedral High School

J. Fernando Barrueta Fund
Dale and Anne Condon Legacy Fund
Edward M. Donovan Scholarship Fund
Golden Alumni Scholarship Fund
Michael and Clara Miles Scholarship Fund
Frederick W. Nelan Fund
Russell and Marty Vandenburg Fund
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